Tourism & Sightseeing

Tourism & Sightseeing - Fort St. JohnThere are plenty of outdoor activities and sights to be seen in the Fort St. John area including seeing the mighty Peace River and the green slopes of the Peace River Valley.

Popular activities include:

  • Fishing
  • Bird Watching
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Boating
  • Snowmobiling
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • ATVing
  • Windsurfing
  • Tour of Fort St. John North Peace Museum
  • North Peace Fall Fair (each August)
  • High on Ice Festival (each winter)

Fort St. John’s Fish Creek Community Forest has a great 5.6km hike. Go fishing and boating in the large network of lakes and waterways. Bird-watch various water birds at Charlie Lake during the spring migration period. Catch walleye fish in Charlie Lake, one of the few natural lakes in BC where fisherman can actually keep the fish they catch. Take a breathtaking drive to Fort St. John Lookout.

Summer Plans In Fort St. John

As the school season is at the near end and summer is soon approaching, many of us are in the process of finding things to do and go for the summer. Fort St. John British Columbia is a perfect trip to do as a family or with your friends this summer. There are plenty of outdoor activities and sightseeing that this beautiful city of Fort St. John can offer you.

During the warm long summer days, it is a great idea to take advantage of the hiking trails that this gorgeous city has available for the public. If you and your family enjoy the outdoors, wildlife and a challenge, then the Peace and Beatton River is the place for you! The Peace and Beatton River offers amazing terrains and the challenges of overcoming the undeveloped steep slopes and the Fort St. John weather. With Fort St. John British Columbia having vast open valley’s and beautiful scenery there is no reason that you shouldn’t visit this city this summer.

The Peace and Beatton River surrounds a breathtaking natural environment. Fort St. John is the only open prairie region.  It is surrounded by Boreal White and Black Spruce Zone, rocky mountains and deep Valley’s. Also, the unique thing about this park is that it is best accessed by boat. There is an old growth of cottonwood with mixed stands of spruce and aspen which can be found in all corners of Peace and Beatton River. There are also a lot of beautiful flowers that surround this piece of land. For example, prairie crocuses, Saskatoon, chokecherries and other flower plants.

In addition, there are numerous birds and wildlife that is always present. Nearby you can find moose, different species of deer and black bears strolling the areas. Since, there is a river nearby you can also find yourself surrounded by ducks and Canadian geese. If you keep a sharp eye you may even find yourself spotting a bald eagle. In addition to this diverse wildlife, one can find a variety of different fish. For instance, arctic grayling brook stickleback, burbot, flathead, white fish and a lot more.

Peace and Beatton River also offers a lot more than just hiking. For instance, there are many opportunities for canoeing and/or kayaking. Also because of the variety of fish species this park is known for its fishing access by paddling down the river. However, anyone that is fishing in British Columbia must have an appropriate license. Hiking is also a great option if you are looking for a challenge because the there is no developed trails that are present in the park. If you are a big animal lover horseback riding is allowed and it is a perfect activity to do as a family. Furthermore, this park is open to hunting; however it is important to keep in mind of the British Columbia Hunting Regulations. Moreover, because of the variety of wildlife there is a great opportunity for wildlife viewing. In summary, Peace and Beatton River has something for everyone.

With Peace and Beatton River, there are some important things to keep in mind. For instance, this area has an unmaintained road and is very steep in certain areas. And if the area is wet it can become quite muddy and slippery and you should take extra precaution when accessing the park during wet conditions. Also, it is important when considering hiking to have the proper equipment and preparation done because there are no set trails.

The Peace and Beatton River are also immersed in history. It is the historic site of Fort D’Epinette. It is the oldest non – native settlement in British Columbia as well as being one of the oldest native settlements. The North West Company established the fort of St. John in 1806 and than later changed the name to Fort D’Epinette.

Peace and Beatton River is the place to be this summer. Expose yourself to the only open prairie region in British Columbia and the amazing biodiversity that Fort St. John’s offers you. Take advantage of the Fort St. John weather and the activities that they have available.

Make it a summer trip to remember!

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