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Most people make it a priority to eat well, and whether they’re at home in their city or travelling around the Continent. It’s something you can ensure more reliably if you’re cooking on your own, but if you’re eating out then you need to have guaranteed good-eat spots. The W restaurant is one such place in Fort Saint John, and it’s a breakfast and brunch restaurant that received plenty of accolades.

In fact, there’s definitely a trend where the increasing numbers of good Fort St. John restaurants are fuelling more interest in Fort St. John real estate. The W Restaurant is located at 9608 100 Street in Fort Saint John, and it’s open from 7AM to 2PM everyday. Not only does it have really good homestyle food and plenty of tasty dessert choices to go along with it, but you can count on the staff and owners of the restaurant doing everything required to ensure you’re supremely satisfied AND come back again.

As far as the breakfast and brunch menu goes, the eggs benedict comes extremely highly recommended and with either the smoked ham or spicy capicola. The corned beef has with scrambled eggs is darn good too, and the same can fairly be said for the huevos rancheros. Regulars will tell you they always serve up fairly generous portions, and the restaurant’s interior and washroom are always kept clean.

Add free coffee refills and new menu offerings arriving all the time and the W Restaurant is definitely a grade-A eatery if FSJ.
Inquires about the restaurant or table reservation requests can be made by call (250) 787 – 1166 and if you’re planning to drop in for the first time you may be able to find the restaurant easily if you know it’s located right next to Mama Panda.

Contact Information

W Restaurant Breakfast Logo

Phone:  250.787.1166

Website: wrestaurant.ca

Business Hours

Monday – Sunday: 7:00 a.m – 1:30 p.m

*Please note that business hours may not be up
to date due to seasonal changes. For current business hours,
please check Google.


9608 100 St, Fort St John, BC V1J 3X6

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