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Vivid & Co. Creative Agency
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10044 100 St Fort St. John, BC
(250) 329-8981
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Address:  10044 100 St Fort St. John, BC, V1J 3Y4
Phone: (250) 329-8981
Email Address: [email protected]


Vivid & Co. is a boutique creative agency based in Fort St. John, BC, that helps entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start ups gain clarity in their branding, marketing, and design.

We work with clients on:
• Business Strategy
• Brand Strategy
• Social Media Strategy
• Brand Identity Design
• Logo Design
• Graphic Design
• Digital & Print Marketing
• Marketing Audits / Reports
• Web Design & Development
• Brand Collateral
• Motion Graphic Production
We begin each project with a strategy session, to ensure that we understand where our clients want to see their business grow; whether in brand awareness, increase in customers and revenue, or automation of internal processes.

It’s our goal to help our clients create powerful impacts on the emotions & senses, and remain distinct in their customers’ minds.

We help our clients gain clarity with:
• The personality of their business
• What their brand says about them
• What their core values are
• What they want to be known for in the marketplace
• How they deliver value differently from, or better than their competitors
• Who their target audience is
• How to reach and engage them
• Why their target audience should care about their business
• The messages in their marketing
• And so much more
Get in touch with us to book a free 30 minute phone consultation with our Creative Director, Sarah Ensz. We’ll discuss your business goals and the pain points or challenges that you’re experiencing with your business, brand, marketing, or graphic design.

Hours Of Operation:

Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm


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