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Elizabeth Chi Real Estate

Elizabeth Chi - Real Estate

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Address:  101-9120 100 Ave, Fort St. John, BC V1J 1X4
Phone: (778) 256-2888
Email Address:  [email protected]


Real Estate is my career, my hobby and my passion! I truly believe it is the best investment you can ever make. I purchased my first rental property when I was approximately 23 years old with very little knowledge of the market or real estate. I was lucky enough to purchase with a very knowledgeable and helpful REALTOR(R). Real Estate can be your retirement income, your children’s education fund or your road to financial freedom. I realized you don’t have to know everything at first, as long as you hire great professionals and continually learn from them. The great professionals on your Power Team should be a Realtor, Mortgage Broker, Inspector, Appraiser, Contractor, Lawyer and last but not least, Property Manager. I realized the power of real estate and I want to help others realize the same power. Come join me for the ride!

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