Wigs For Kids BC – Community Builder Spotlight

“Donating your ponytail is a wonderful way to help us provide more wigs for kids. It takes approximately 10 to 12 ponytails to make one wig. Hair donors are encouraged to raise pledges prior to their haircut.

Hair donations help to reduce the cost of making wigs and raising pledges helps us pay for them.”

The Wigs for Kids BC (W4K) program raises money year-round to provide free custom-fitted human-hair wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer or other serious illnesses. The program also helps cover the costs of essential drugs and feeding supplies for children that are not covered by MSP.

This grassroots community program is operated solely by a core committee of 20 dedicated volunteers. The group swells to a much larger number when family and friends volunteer at fundraising events. The committee operates the program without overhead costs so that every dollar raised goes to help B.C. kids.

To learn more WigsForKidsBC.com

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