The Mutty Paw – Community Builder Spotlight

The Mutty Paw - Community Builder Spotlight

Our #FSJCommunityBuilder Spotlight is all about celebrating those who have positive impact and growth in our community and our neighboring communities, together we are strong. Spotlighting local businesses, associations, groups, developments, schools and charities! DM us to be our next #Spotlight!💪

The Mutty Paw

“My name is Charlie and I love dogs! I also understand the anxiety associated with leaving your dog with a stranger armed with clippers and shears for a few hours. Based out of #FortStJohn and serving surrounding communities as far as Hudson’s Hope, The Mutty Paw is North East BC’s first, and currently only, mobile dog grooming company and it’s not just the salon on wheels that makes it special. Every groom is a private groom and can be tailored to almost every dog and it’s owner’s needs.

Working with each dog individually allows me to build their confidence and give them positive experiences to ensure the most comfortable grooming environment possible. The Mutty Paw is also dedicated to your comfort as an owner; with complete transparency and regular updates so you’ll always know how your hairy beast is holding up.

Being mobile, I’m also always on the look out to team up with other businesses or donate my time at #charitable events so don’t be afraid to reach out!”

Call Them: 250-329-5048

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