Small Business BC Award Nomination Goes To Fort St. John Company

Small Business BC Award Nomination Goes To Fort St. John Company

There has been a lot of good news coming to local businesses in Fort St. John lately.

Now a local company has been nominated for a Small Business BC Award.

Fort St. John’s own Black Ace Supply is in the running to be deemed Best Workplace by Small Business BC.

This puts Black Ace Supply in contention with other small businesses from around BC such as Blacksmith Bakery and Goatsocial.

Awards for Best Work Place are given to businesses which cultivate the best overall work environment. This encompasses a supportive atmosphere which aims to maintain staff health and happiness levels.

Businesses in this category are evaluated according to their performance in key areas including the provision of workplace morale boosting activities, and making a strong effort to ensure physical and emotional health of employees.

The winner of the award will receive $1500 cash and access to the many educational opportunities provided by Small Business BC including education resources and mentorship. The good publicity from winning surely won’t hurt either.

The next step to narrow down the winner will take place on December 11th when a top 10 is announced. The final 10 will go on to submit applications to narrow the pack down to 5 finalists who will make a live pitch to a panel of judges.

The winner will finally be announced on February 25th 2016 at the Small Business BC Awards Ceremony.


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