Site C Worker Accommodations Plan

Site C Worker Accommodations Plan

As construction for Site C starts, the workforce in the area will need some new accommodations and BC Hydro has the following components planned:

  • 40 multi-family housing units in Fort St. John
  • Campsite accommodations at the dam project site
  • Peace Island Park plans to create long-stay recreation vehicle sites
  • As required short-term smaller regional camps will be built

Size Of Workforce

Accommodations will be required for 90% of the workforce on the job site and 10% of the workforce will be required for construction activities at off-site locations.

During the peak seasonal fluctuations, up to 1,600 workers will be required for construction.  Normally, roughly 800 workers will be needed per year for the annual workforce.

Worker Accommodations At The Dam Site

BC Hydro has done in depth research to determine the proper size, preferred configuration, amenities, and construction timing of the workforce accommodations.

The dam site workers accommodations will be located on the north bank of the Peace River.

As mentioned above, the camp constructed for the workforce will be big enough to hold 1,600 workers and recreational facilities for the workers during the construction of the Site C dam.

The camp will be designed in a way to attract and retain highly skilled workers. Also it will be designed in a way so that it is self-sufficient to reduce the impact on neighboring communities.

Some key elements to attract and retain workers include:

  • Individual room accommodations with a private bathroom
  • High quality food services
  • Leisure and entertainment facilities
  • High quality fitness and recreational facilities

RV Spaces At Peace Island Park

BC Hydro plans to increase the number of long-stay RV spaces at Peace Island Park.  They plan on working in partnership with local government and/or the private sector to accomplish this goal.

Off-site Community Housing

A total of 50 new housing units will be built in Fort St. John.  Forty of the units will be built for the construction workers and their families during the project construction.

An additional 10 new housing units will be built and available for immediate use by the community.

At the end of construction of the Site C dam, all 50 units will be available for use by the community at an affordable price.

Regional Camp Accommodations

In addition to all the other accommodations planned for the workforce, smaller camps will be set up and operated at regional locations.

These locations will include such places as Highway 29 for realignment of the highway and Hudson’s Hope berm.

As these projects will be shorter, hold a smaller group of workers, and be seasonal, the housing options will be figured out once all the people working on the projects are sorted.


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