Site C Project Getting In Hot Water Over Eagle’s Nests

Site C Project Getting In Hot Water Over Eagle's Nests

The Site C project have had a rough start with court cases attempting to shut down the project, environmental concerns, safety concerns and overall concerns of the community of Fort St. John.

Despite all the obstacles BC Hydro and the Site C project have faced they still got the green light to undergo the project and to start construction.

However, there is now just one more obstacle that Site C has to overcome which are the eagles.

The Site C grounds seem to have been taken over by eagle nests which have raised some additional concerns.

This has lead to lawsuits challenging BC Hydro’s decision of continue with construction and to remove eagle nests from the site.

There have been activists protesting in rallies and fundraising taking place over the issue of removing the eagle nests from the Site C grounds.

This also supports the First Nations legal cases which also expresses the concerns of the eagles.

As “Eagles are vitally important to First Nations Culture,” said Susan Smitten who is the executive director of the RAVEN a non-profit organization that supports putting a stop to the eagle nest removal by BC Hydro.

Eagles are an important part of the environment and by moving their homes it can cause many issues that some people are not aware of.

However, B.C. Hydro will be installing at least 38 artificial nests to replace the nests that they will be removing from the Site C construction site.

In addition to this requirement, B.C Hydro also has to abide by a certain schedule when they can and cannot remove the eagle nests from the Site C grounds.

Furthermore, they also have to collect the eagle feathers as well.

B.C Hydro will also keep a close eye to make sure that rules are being applied and refocused with regards to any wildlife and this includes the eagles.

In addition, experts have also said that artificial nesting has been seen to be successful and has worked in areas like Vancouver.

But it is important to note where the artificial nests are placed, as this is very important; to ensure that the eagles still have access to food.

Therefore, the greatest challenge with regards to the eagles will be finding an ideal location for them, where they are close by food and water.

So even though the eagles have put the Site C project in another situation where they face another obstacle; it seems as though this is another battle that Hydro B.C. will also overcome.






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