Site C Construction Schedule: Aug 31 – Sept 13

Site C Construction Schedule: Aug 31 – Sept 13

Construction is already underway for the Site C Dam and local residents would be advised to take note of the immediate changes to the surrounding area which are due to take place in the coming weeks. We can expect to see traffic delays, noise and other byproducts of the initial construction set to take place in preparation for the construction of the Site C Dam. So what exactly are the residents of the surrounding area of Site C in for in the next few weeks? In this post, we will explore the changes those in the area can face.

You may have noticed road work taking place on 240 Road, 269 Road and Old Fort Road in the past few weeks. This work will continue through September 13 2015. This work is being done to make standard road improvements, and commuters can expect to be met with brief delays in traffic and single lane alternating traffic at various points throughout the day. In addition to this, road work will be taking place along south bank access roads.

Contractors will also be setting up a temporary worker accommodation camp near Site C, along with the clearing of vegetation. Due to this and other construction activities, local residents may experience increased noise and dust.

The clearing of vegetation will take place on the north bank and south bank of the dam site, along with riprap production in the Wuthrich Quarry (riprap is rubble used to fortify shorelines and protect them against erosion). Those roads which lead to these areas will be populated with increased amounts of truck traffic, including logging trucks, which will be used in the removal of vegetation from the area.

BC Hydro also notes that the timing of these construction operations may vary throughout the day as area forest fire ratings may change. As a result, you may see work taking place at odd hours in the early morning or late at night. These activities are also subject to change as the construction plan may be altered through the course of the project.


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