Site C Accommodation Plans Underway

Site C Accommodation Plans Underway

Since the Site C project has been announced it has been clear that a lot of workers will be needed. This has brought up many questions with regarding to what accommodations will be needed. Naturally having the site C project located so close to Fort St. John it has made sense to think that the workers can find accommodation in the city.

BC Hydro believes that having work camps set up for the construction of site C will help the stress of hotels that would be overburdened with workers. It also would put less pressure on the housing market.

It is great for temporary workers too.

In addition, setting up these camps would have its financial benefits to the city with regards to taxes.

Having work camps is also something that would not be new to the city of Fort St. John with previous dam projects being completed. Also if the city really wanted to, they could convert these camp sites into senior homes in the future.

Since the environmental standard has been passed by the provincial and federal government, the process of figuring out accommodation for the works is under way.

Officially, on Thursday April 30th, BC hydro has finally announced their choice of a preferred proponent for Site C workers and their accommodation contract. Which is ATCO Structures & Logistics has been chosen to build and operate work camps for the workers of the Site C project.

ATCO is a reliable company that has been around for 40 years and has been successful with operating and installing accommodation for up to 20,000 workers. This is why ATCO seems to be the best choice for BC Hydro and for the Site C project.

“Their ability to deliver a turn-key solution that covers both the building and operation of large workforce facilities provide our customers with efficiencies and cost benefits,” said George Lidgett, president of ATCO Structures & Logistics.

A full agreement with BC Hydro and ATCO will be made within 2015 and it has been estimated that the contract will be active till 2022.

This housing will accommodate and house up to 1600 people once completed. It will also provide full suite lodge services. This will include catering, janitorial, maintenance and fire protection. And will be three stories high.

The workers accommodation will have a hotel feel environment which will ensure that the workers are comfortable and are able to relax after work.

There will also be a 100 person movie theatre, lounge, gym, running track and weight room.

Additionally, there will be a single bedroom for each worker with TV and Wifi which will be available for them in their bedroom suit. It is also anticipated, that there will be guest bedrooms for visitors available, with their own private washroom.

In order for this accommodation site to stay environmentally friendly, there will be a waste water treatment plant present.

This workers accommodation will also have services like physiotherapy, massage and hairdressing. This also opens up more job opportunities which have its economic benefits.

Overall, this Site C workers camp comes with its many benefits.

  1. Valerie Marcoff 6 years ago

    Hello, I am looking to apply with the Catering Contractors for the Site C Damm, could you please point me in the right direction to applying?

    • Author
      Author 6 years ago

      Hello Valerie. You can start by emailing the city website at [email protected] to see if they have more information for you. This website is an informational website about the city. Thanks.

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