Real Estate Boom In Fort St. John Because Of Site C Dam

Real Estate Boom In Fort St. John Because Of Site C Dam

The Site C Dam project is predicted to increase economic growth and employment in Northern B.C and including cities like Fort St. John.

As a result of the Site C project it is thought that Northern BC will become even more popular and a demanding place to live.

Since the Site C project was approved it means that there will be more job opportunities available for people in and around Fort St. John, which will result in an increase rise in the growth of population.

This is a good thing for the city of Fort St. John as it will allow the city to experience more economic growth.

In addition, because of the Site C project people will see an increase in real estate activity.

The result of an increased demand is linked directly with the Site C project. This is because real estate demand is always linked with the city and its economic development. In other words, real estate market, most of the time is the result of the resource sector and jobs.

Since the Site C project was announced, there has been an increase in real estate growth by approximately 10%. This means that the asking prices has also gone up and will continue to increase.

It has been predicted that not only buying houses will increase, but rental properties will also have an increase in demand. This means that rental prices will also go up.

This is why it is the perfect time to invest in property in Fort St. John, especially since the Site C dam project got recently approved.

Like anything else, with regards to an increasing demand in real estate it will eventually decrease too. However the decrease in demand isn’t foreseen anywhere in the near future.  With the Site C project taking over a decade to complete there will be a very high demand for real estate in Fort St. John for a long time.

Site C will no doubt give the market a boom while the Site C project is going on and there will be other economic opportunities because of this project. But once the Site C project reaches a compilation the market will settle down after that.

Nevertheless, developers are predicting that there will be an increase in demand for housing and there will be an increased opportunities with regards to real estate investments and growth.

A project like Site C creates jobs and economic growth and helps the community grow as a whole. It will also give the individuals who have been struggling to find employment an opportunity to find employment; because of our recent economic problems that have been taking place all across Canada.


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