Old Hospital Site Land Swap Discussion

Old Hospital Site Land Swap Discussion

The City of Fort St. John believes that the land that an old hospital was located and demolished on in 2014 would be a great investment. The land is said to be worth approximately $1 million dollars.

This piece of land that the old Fort St. John hospital was built on was located on 100th avenue in downtown Fort St. John. This location is believed to be a perfect opportunity for a revitalization plan.

Karakas’ states that the city should “encourage a mix of education and employment uses on part of the former hospital site to showcase local and regional energy and resource sectors. This could include a university satellite campus, energy sector offices, a mix of housing [including student housing] along with street level shops and services.”

Therefore, if this site is purchased by the city it would allow growth economically and it would also enhance that portion of the city.

However, in order to undergo this major project there is there one thing that stands in the way. Northern Health has priority over this piece of land that the city wants to develop on. Therefore, the city would need to swap land with Northern Health or offer to purchase the land from Northern Health in order to develop on the land.

Northern Health is unsure at this point if they want to trade land with the city or sell the land to the city. According to Northern Health spokesman Jonathon Dyck said that the “health authorities are trying to put something in place with regards to this piece of land. However, he could not comment any further on this topic.”

Despite the ongoing dispute with regards to what the land of Fort St. John will be used for the city still believes that this piece of land would be a great opportunity to help develop the downtown side in a positive way. It would permit growth and an exciting place to be a part of. This would allow the community to expand and would let the city to increase economically by providing work force opportunities. For example, it would allow the city to develop a residential component which would open the door for employment and would allow the city to grow.

Even Councilor Bruce Christensen supports the development of this land.

Therefore, the development planned by the city of Fort St. John on the old hospital land would be a great opportunity for the city as it would help revitalize the land and bring positive change through new job opportunities.


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