Old Fort St. John’s Hotel Site Turning Into A Green Space

Old Fort St. John’s Hotel Site Turning Into A Green Space

Fort St. John – has had an old hotel site that is near 100th Avenue and the 100th street which is just an empty lot with dirt and rocks. Therefore, this site has no purpose as of right now, and it is not exactly appealing to the eye.

However, the city council of Fort St. John plans to turn this around. As the city council is planning to spend around $40,000 to convert and renew this old hotel site into a beautiful green space by next spring.

The vision of this deserted piece of land is to convert it into a beautiful green space with flowers, trees, grass, pathways, benches and recycle and garbage bins. This space would then be an area where the citizens of Fort St. John could come and enjoy.

The project is set to start this summer. The construction of this green space is estimated to be completed by spring of next year. The completion will take a while since it takes time for the greenery to grow and to develop.

Another positive aspect with regards to the old Fort St. John’s hotel turning into a green space is that it will create temporary job opportunities. As this project will need contractors to get this job completed.

Conversely, the council of Fort St. John outlines that this green space is not permanent. As the future development of this land is being discussed and is still on the drawing board.

However, some city staff want to spend up to $150,000 to try and make this space look beautiful. However, many people find this unnecessary as this green space is predicted to be just short term.

On the other hand, some people have the complete opposite point of view as they believe that the city should spend as little as possible on this project; if this green space is only going to be there for a short term.

Despite the different opinions the old Fort St. John hotel site will be turned into a green space for the people of Fort St. John until a new idea is developed of what to do with the land.


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