North East Native Advancing Society Expansion

North East Native Advancing Society Expansion

The North East Native Advancing Society is a non-profit organization that help Aboriginals develop career skills.

Their mission is “to provide opportunities to improve the quality of life of First Nations and Inuit people in North Eastern British Columbia by holistically advancing their health, wellness, education, and economic self-sufficiency.”

Furthermore, their vision is that “First Nations and Inuit people realizing their full potential and actualizing the unity and cohesiveness of First nations and Inuit people in North Eastern British Columbia”.

Therefore, with their large mission and their demand for their organization, the North East Native Advancing Society has decided to grow their space. As a result, the NENAS have bought 6000 square feet of land, as an addition to their building, which is located on 101st Avenue in Fort St. John.

In order for this expansion to be a possibility for the NENAS they required additional funding help.  The provincial government was able to help NENAS by providing them with $500, 000 in provincial funding.

The expansion has allowed the NENAS to expand their program and to help a lot more First Nations and Inuit people in the North Eastern British Columbia.

In the near future the expansion will allow them to have a “Headstart” program and a childcare center. With regards to the expansion, it will permit NENAS to give 32 daycare spaces. This will help the First Nations and Inuit people to have a safe place to drop off and pick up their children before and after work. This new daycare space will also allow, before and after school care. This provides parents flexibility with their work hours.

What is unique about the NENAS program and especially with the daycare program is that it is not just open for the use of the First nations or Métis ancestry, but for everyone. However, this means that this daycare program will be on first come first serve bases.

The construction is still an ongoing project and is estimated to be completed by September 2015.

The North East Native Advancing Society is a great organization that has helped many Aboriginals gain the work skills that they need to get a job or help them towards a career. Through the 6000 square foot expansion, this organization is able to help individuals at a microscopic level, but also to help the community of Fort St. John’s at a much larger scale. By giving individuals the tools to help develop career skills in North Eastern British Columbia.


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