New Walking Bridges At Fish Creek Community Forest

New Walking Bridges At Fish Creek Community Forest

The old bridges at Fish Creek Community Forest were getting out of date and unsafe to walk on so new more sturdy metal bridges have been installed.

The new heavy duty metal bridges are great for all year weather conditions and allows for easy ice and snow removal. Unfortunately they are not so animal friendly as the surface is hard on pets feet.

The city is currently researching ways to install a strip of some sort of material to the bridge that will allow animals to comfortably cross the bridge without hurting their feet.

People should also note that heavy machinery was brought into the area to completely remove the old bridges and install the new bridges so some of the trails may currently be uneven until the spring time when they can be fixed. Please be careful when walking on the trails to not hurt yourself walking on some uneven parts of the trail.

Fish Creek park is great place to ride your bike and walk your dog in the summer and a good place to go snowshoeing in the winter.

Fish Creek Community Forest is located near Northern Lights College (9820 120 Ave).


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