New Doctors Are On Their Way

New Doctors Are On Their Way

Fort St. John – like many other rural cities in British Columbia have been facing a big issue of being short of doctors.

This has been especially concerned for the community of Fort St. John because they just recently lost two doctors.

In addition, with the cities growing population and the Site C construction soon taking place the city is in desperate need of finding family doctors that are willing to work and be part of the community for the long term.

However, recently Fort St. John along with Dawson Creek just received some uplifting and good news regarding this ongoing issue of not having enough doctors for their communities.

As both cities will be getting new doctors through a program that certifies international medical graduates who want to practice in Canada, through the Ministry of Health.

Dawson Creek will receive one new doctor and Fort St. John will receive two new doctors through this assessment program.

Another 16 doctors will also be assigned to a rural communities within British Columbia by this fall.

This is very promising.

The doctors that are a part of this international program are required to practice in a rural community for at least three years.

And will be watched over by a practicing physician who will be assessing their progress through the three years.

This should be a great relief for communities like Fort St. John as this can help ease the pressure of finding doctors that can accommodate the cities growing community.


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