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Our #FSJCommunityBuilder Spotlight is all about celebrating those who have positive impact and growth in our community and our neighboring communities, together we are strong. Spotlighting local businesses, associations, groups, developments, schools and charities!⭐

Hey there, I’m Sarah. I’m a lover of all things flora and fauna with a touch of fantasy, which is the inspiration behind much of my work. I’m originally from Saskatoon, SK and completed my art education in Calgary, AB. My wife grew up here and when the opportunity presented itself for her work, we decided to move our life to Taylor. Having always lived in big cities, life in Taylor was definitely an adjustment. Growing up, my grandparents lived in a log cabin in the mountains of Montana and I was always out exploring the surrounding woodlands with my brothers. Being in Taylor reminded me so much of those memories and made me feel like this is the right place to be. While I started out in the Graphic Design field, I felt as though I couldn’t completely express my style in my work. In October of 2019, I returned to my roots and began painting again. I enjoy the unpredictability of using recycled and reusable materials because I never know what I’ll be creating next. The wood I use is collected from trees that have fallen in the woods near my home. In November of 2019, I had my first go at being a vendor at craft fairs and I would love to be at more events this year, especially Pride. I think I will see a big shift in the next year as I get back into exploring my artistic style.

I tend to be a pretty restless person, so I always have ideas brewing for new projects. Right now, I am collaborating with another local artist on the opportunity to teach all skill level classes combining what we both love to make. I love meeting local artists, but admittedly, I am a bit of a studio hermit. If anyone ever wants to drink tea late into the night and paint, I’m over here!

Custom orders are open, so feel free to reach out to me! I love hearing peoples’ ideas that fall right into the wildflowers, herbs, animals, and magic vibe. Follow along on my Instagram for a sneak peek into my process, weird midnight crafts with things like garlic, and to see new releases to my Etsy shop.

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