Very Low Unemployment Rates In Northern BC

Very Low Unemployment Rates In Northern BC

Employment rates in Northern BC have been extremely high in recent months. They have in fact been so high in the last three months that the unemployment rates have been unmeasurable since October 2014.

The last time the unemployment rate was recorded was in September 2014 when it was 3.9%.  This is drastically low compared to the 6.1% unemployment rate for the rest of British Columbia.

The region of Northern BC continues to have such a low unemployment rate because of the booming economy and the vast availability of jobs.

Additionally the jobs to be had in Northern BC pay very well because of the high demand for skilled tradesmen and health workers.

The second lowest unemployment rate in BC is in Kelowna which is at 3.7% when last recorded. The highest unemployment rate in BC is 6.5% in Kootenay.

Overall as a Province the unemployment rate has dropped to the lowest it has been in 6 years at 5.4% in December 2014. However at the end of 2014 there was a slight dip that left the unemployment rate at 6.6% as per Statistics Canada.

On a positive note the Province added 2,200 new jobs in December 2014.

In the latest Canadian labour-market survey it said that the country as a whole dropped 57,700 part-time jobs but gained 53,500 full-time positions last month.

With all of this news lately it seems that now is the right time to be looking for a job in Fort St. John and investing in the real estate market with the increase in property value.


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