LNG Is Key For New Clean Energy

LNG Is Key For New Clean Energy

Fort St. John is a city that has been gaining a lot of attention due to the Site C Dam project.

As part of the project a major summit meeting was recently held a with regards to the impact of liquefied natural gas development in Canada.

Many people believe that the use of liquefied natural gas is the solution for fighting climate change because it reduces the use of coal which is the main cause of pollution.

Natural gas is the world’s cleanest fuel. This means countries like China, which outputs one quarter of the world’s carbon emissions, would reduce emissions by over 90%. This would result in the world being a healthier place for animals and humans to live in.

For that reason, the government is making sure that they take the right steps to make certain that this idea becomes a reality.

With regards to the Site C project, a third dam will not only come with environmental benefits, but also will be able to supply clean power for the next 100 years. This means a cleaner future for generations to come.

Liquefied natural gas will be the driving factor for energy in the future and the power generated by the Site C dam will be a blip on the map for the city of Fort St. John says the city’s mayor Lori Ackerman.

The LNG project is estimated to take approximately 10 years.  Once completed, it would only need six people to operate it.

In the long run the use of liquefied natural gas will increase in demand; therefore, this means that Canada would have an economic advantage compared to a lot of other countries.

With regards to economic benefits, there are many opportunities for businesses, long-term investors, and infrastructure to benefit from the construction of the Site C Dam project in Fort St. John.

As the Site C dam is a big project there will be a lot of different opinions and points of views as well. There is a certain percentage that agrees and disagrees with the project, but there are also many people that are somewhere in the middle.

The people who disagree with this project are mostly the First Nations people. Many of the First Nations communities in British Columbia believe that the government has failed with regards to engaging with their people in a meaningful way, whose territory will be affected with the development of the Site C project and the development of the liquefied natural gas.

However, there are some First Nations communities who believe the development of the Site C project and the development of the liquefied natural gas would bring in jobs and economic sustainability.

“That’s why we decided to be proactive and promote and protect the community because really it was a divisive topic in the community and as a municipal government we felt that it was our responsibility to rise above that and work with (dissenters as well as First Nations) as much as we possibly could to ensure that the community was left better off in the long run,” said Mayor Lori Ackerman.

In addition, the benefits of the development of the liquefied gas and the Site C project includes the creation of 100,000 new jobs for British Columbians and the fact that it will help pay off the province’s debt. This will also be extremely beneficial, especially for the city of Fort St. John because of its growing population.


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