Living Room Live – Community Builder Spotlight

Our #FSJCommunityBuilder Spotlight is all about celebrating those who have positive impact and growth in our community and our neighboring communities, together we are strong. Spotlighting local businesses, associations, groups, developments, schools and charities!

Living Room Live ( was founded May 2018 by Nicola Davies along with fellow pianist Lisa Rumpel, to make more classical house concerts happen. Since then it has grown to an upcoming season of 120+ concerts across #WesternCanada including #FortStJohn and our neighboring communities #DawsonCreek#Mackenzie#PrinceGeorge, and #FortStJames to name a few.

Prior to starting the organization, Nicola spent a few years planning her own classical house concert tours, which led to some fun experiences including performing (and helicopter-ing) at a heli-hiking lodge, playing in some beautiful ocean-view houses, and meeting a cello-maker/concert host who lives in a log house. Since starting Living Room Live, she has been happy to find equal enthusiasm from hosts and guests, who consistently say they want more of these intimate events, and musicians, who have described their tours as a formative experience.

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