Hillary Brown – Community Builder Spotlight

Our #FSJCommunityBuilder Spotlight is all about celebrating those who have positive impact and growth in our community and our neighboring communities, together we are strong. Spotlighting local businesses, associations, groups, developments, schools and charities!🙌 DM us to be our next spotlight

Hilliary Brown is a local photographer who specializes in capturing candid and natural moments; whether it be moments between families, couples, weddings, or more. Hilliary grew up in Nova Scotia but relocated to and made Fort St. John her home in 2013. She is a mother, a partner, and a business owner and loves what she does! She is always aiming to improve her skill behind the camera and her experience for her clients.

Personal IG @hillbro14
Business IG @brownphotosfsj

📷 @brownphotofsj #FortStJohn #FortSaintJohn

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