Fort St John’s Winter Activities in 2017

Fort St John’s Winter Activities in 2017 (Beware the Snowmageddon!)

Another winter, another year of snow. This year has already been record-breaking. Power outages and messy roads have made it difficult. It’s not all bad, the snow has not only brought misfortune but a fairly nice level of snow for Fort St John’s Winter Activities in 2017.


Trails to visit:

  Trail     Distance      From Town     Description
 Stewart    Lake Trail  20 min South  40 km ride along a groomed trail to the lake. Has day-use snowmobile cabin.
 Redfern    Lake Trail  2.5 hours  For more experienced riders. Has two cabins on the lake available for over night stays.
 Charlie        Lake  20 min  Combination of snowmobiling and Ice fishing. Has snowmobile club cabin on the lake and some unmarked trails.

Other trails to explore:

  • Halfway Trail
  • Christina Falls Trail
  • Laurier Pass Trail

Maps are available the Fort St. John Visitor Centre.

Where to buy snow trail passes

The Northland Trailblazers is free of charge for trail passes. Annual memberships are available to help support the club’s grooming efforts and cabin maintenance.

If you are an avid snowmobiler, you could always join the Northland Trailblazers. A family-oriented snowmobile club with 80-100 members which is affiliated with BC’s Snowmobile Federation.

Local Events

Check out this year’s High on Ice Winter Festival. Enjoy everything from live music/theatre to Ice/snow-related games and competitions. For more details visit the events page.

Cross-Country Skiing

Enjoy this year’s snow fall by taking the whole family cross-country skiing along Beatton Provincial Park and For St. John Links Golf Course.

Cross-Country Ski Beatton Provincial Park

Beatton Provincial Park’s 12km of forested trails. Wide trails and set tracks offer plenty of cross-country skiing opportunities catered to various levels of skill and experience.

Has relatively flat trail loops for beginners, and sloped hills for more advanced skiers seeking a challenge.

Cross-Country Ski Links Golf Course

Near town along the groomed trails at the Fort St. John Links Golf Course. The golf course’s approximately 3km of skate and groomed trails, which are flat. The course provides an excellent opportunity for beginning skiers and families to enjoy wide-open spaces and unique wilderness setting of Fort St. John.

Peace Island Park

Spectacular frost-covered trees while you cross-country skiing along trails at Peace Island Park.  Located along the banks of the 1,923km long Peace River.

Visit the Fort St. John Visitor Centre for more information about cross-country skiing in the area.

Kick back and enjoy

Although you are probably still brooding over this year’s crazy snowfall, take some time out of your busy snow shoveling and try to enjoy the winter. Fort St John’s Winter Activities in 2017 could make this year a bit more fun.

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