Fort St. John Now Prepares for First Site C Projects

Fort St. John Now Prepares for First Site C Projects

The building of the Site C Dam is a huge project: one that will forever change the history and landscape of the city of Fort St John BC and surrounding areas. This massive and complex undertaking will require years of hard work of professionals from all across the fields of construction and environment management. In order to carry out the project successfully and obtain the satisfaction of a staggering amount of stakeholders, many sub-projects which make up the components of Site C construction will need to take place. During this time, the amount and variety of jobs in Fort St. John will reach unprecedented levels.

So what is in store for Fort St. John jobs in the not too distant future? The process for BC Hydro to complete the first steps of the project is already underway. Requests for proposals have been issued and candidate companies to service these projects have been shortlisted. Here is a run-down of the details of the first projects to begin in 2015 to build the foundation for the construction of the Site C Dam.

Worker Accommodations

Yes, the Site C Dam project is so massive that before BC Hydro can get started on it, they must first design and implement a solution for where it is going to house all of its employees. The company chosen to deliver this solution will be tasked with ensuring that every step is taken to provide Site C workers with adequate living space. This means that they will need to design, construct and maintain a temporary camp with the capacity to house 1600 people.

There is a high emphasis on the quality of output for this project, as BC Hydro is depending on being able to provide comfortable accommodations in order to make it attractive to workers. This is not surprising given the high demand for skilled construction and trades employees, which is currently being experienced and expected to increase.

Organizations currently short-listed to handle this project include

  • Peace River Housing Partners
  • Plenary Living
  • Two Rivers Lodging Group

Responsible Environmental Disposal

The Site C Dam is set to be absolutely massive. So of course, it will need to be placed on quite a bit of land. Before that happens, the land will need to be excavated and have all kinds of organic material removed from it in order to provide a strong foundation.

But what is to be done with all of this organic material? Much of it will be sold for use in industry but a substantial amount of it is not fit for such use in its current state as it may be too small, rotting, or oddly shaped. Rather than disposal by burning or landfill dumping, BC Hydro has opted to try to find a greener solution to this issue. By turning to organizations to make use of what they call non-merchantable fibre, BC Hydro can effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding traditional environmental waste disposal methods.

Diacarbon Energy Inc. has been deemed a preferred proponent by BC Hydro to provide such a solution.

Preparing the North Bank Site

Before construction and operation of the dam can take place, the surrounding area must be prepared. This means access roads will need to be built, and land needs to be excavated. Furthermore, during this process, it will be necessary for the organization responsible to extract and stockpile natural resources from the impacted area.

Preparing the North Bank site of Site C dam construction will involve 7000 meters of new access roads, the excavation of 3 million cubic meters of land, 100 thousand cubic meters of materials to be processed and stockpiled, and the clearing of 115 hectares of land.

To date, no preferred proponents have been named for this job. Prospective organizations will need to prove that they have the proper capabilities and personnel to handle such large tasks.


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