Fort St. John Delays Recycling Program

Fort St. John Delays Recycling Program

The curbside recycling program is a program that is active and will be active across British Columbia. It will offer collection of garbage, recycling and organics. Each city has a certain guideline with regards to what is and is not accepted in each bin.

The goal of this program is to sustain an environmentally friendly province and help keep the earth green.

However, Fort St. John’s curbside recycling program will not be starting this coming September; instead, the city is hoping that the program with be active at the start of October or early November.

The delay is caused by negotiations taking longer than expected because of other parties being involved with the process of getting the recycling program active and running.

Some of the things that the city of Fort St. John is trying to figure out before the program gets started include figuring out where the waste will go when it has been picked up from the resident’s door steps.

Therefore, the curbside recycling program has become a little more complicated then people thought it would have.

But Fort St. John has already placed an order for the recycling bins and they should be received in a few weeks.

So even though the recycling program is delayed it is still in process of being launched.

And should be running by the latest in early November. If you have any questions regarding the recycling program contact 1-800-667-4321 or hotline(at)


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