Forest Fires Grow North of Fort St. John, Evacuations Ordered

Forest Fires Grow North of Fort St. John, Evacuations Ordered

Right now, forest fires are on the minds of many in Fort St. John and surrounding areas.

Fort McMurray has been hit by an unprecedented blaze in the last few days, which has displaced some 80,000 people. Meanwhile, Fort St. John is having some wildfire trouble of its own to deal with.

Two forest fires North of Fort St. John met one another last night and according to Peace River Regional District website, various evacuation orders have been issued.

Nearby residents are also advised that evacuation alerts are in effect and should be prepared to leave with short notice.

A state of emergency has been declared for Electoral Area B of the Peace Region. This gives local authorities the ability to make use of emergency powers and order the evacuation of residents if need be.

Drivers north of Fort St. John are advised to drive carefully as there is reduced visibility caused by wildfire smoke.

These fires have likely been made stronger by high winds and dry conditions which can quickly make a forest fire go out of control. This is the sort of weather Fort St. John and Fort McMurray has been dealing with recently. The area north of Fort St. John has a lot of dead grass from recently melted snow, which serves as prime conditions for the spreading of fires.

According to there are not yet any fire restrictions in BC, with the only exceptions being a ban on open fires in the Prince George and Cariboo regions.

Current wildfires of note around the Prince George area include Beaton Airport Road, Carter Road, Clearview, Doig River, Hudson’s Hope, Siphon Creek, Stoddart Road, and Voight Creek.

This situation is still unfolding, so be sure to stay tuned to local news outlets and radio broadcasts for updates on the situation.


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