Expanding Fort St. John’s Boundaries

Expanding Fort St. John's Boundaries

Fort St. John – is a city and community that has been growing at a rapid speed recently. As a result, this small and quiet city is slowly getting too small to accommodate everyone’s needs in a sufficient way.

Therefore, the city of Fort St. John decided that it may be a good idea to expand the boundaries so everyone in the community can live in a comfortable and sufficient way. In order for the city to cope with the growing community in a positive way.

The expansion of the Fort St. John’s boundaries will also allow and provide opportunities for landowners.

For example, these new resident’s would have access to the cities services, like the sewer, water and fire protection. In addition, it would allow the city to have the ability to make sure that there is a developments day within cities standards.

In addition, it would allow developers to avoid retrofitting of services and the expansion would be for the long term, so the city can benefit from the expansion for years to come.

Therefore, since the growth of Fort St. John is placing pressure on the cities services it only makes sense that the city expands the boundaries of Fort St. John.

On the other hand, like anything else there are always some pros and cons towards any situation.

For instance, one concern that the city has is that BC Hydro has already purchased 200 acres of land; however, this is an issue that the city thinks that they can work around.

The city of Fort St. John is also taking in to consideration the people who live in the community by looking at reviewing the opinions about the idea of expanding the Fort St. John boundaries. Where people can express their opinions is on Place Speak.

The City will consider the people’s opinion when and before a final decision is to be made.

This year the expansion of Fort St. John boundaries was approved.

Followed by the approval the Mayor of Fort St. John, Lori Ackerman made a few comments regarding this project . . .

“There are some investors looking at retail and commercial opportunities, and the new parcels) will give them the ability to move forward,”

“It’s going to provide us with the ability to provide more land for residential development. We’ve heard it time and time again that it’s important … it will allow us to build housing stock that may help in a supply-and-demand economy with the price of housing, to try and keep it within reach of the average person.” She also noted that Fort St. John’s geographic footprint, in terms of property it could tax, was smaller than both Chetwynd and Dawson Creek, despite a higher population”.

With a positive response from the public and the Mayor of Fort St. John; the expansion of the boundaries of this city seems to have been a great idea.


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