Earth Hour Walk In The Dark

Earth Hour Walk In The Dark

The Northern Environmental Action Team is a “non-profit group dedicated to helping residents, and businesses of Northern British Columbia live greener lives. NEAT primarily provides environmental education, but also assists organizations and institutions to develop strategic plans for reducing waste and conserving resources”.

NEAT’s vision is for “a healthy, vibrant community, whose members adopt environmentally sustainable actions in their daily lives”. In addition, their mission is for “Empowering individuals, businesses and initiations to engage in environmentally sustainable practices. We lead by example, creating awareness, educating, inspiring and demonstrating innovative solutions”.

On Saturday March 28th the Northern Environmental Action Team puts together their third annual Earth Hour Walk/Run at Fort St. Nelson located at the Northern Lights College.

The Earth Hour is a worldwide movement which promotes the idea of reducing energy consumption by turning off lights and electronic devices when not in use. Every year individuals, communities, household, and businesses are promoted to turn off their lights for one hour as a symbol of their commitment to the planet.

With this idea in mind NEAT’s team got the community together to participate in a 5km run or work within their community of Fort St. John. Where individuals are set out into the dark woods to celebrate Earth Hour. This year they were lucky because they actually got to experience this 5km journey in the dark.

The NEAT took safety precautions by giving out flashlights to each participant so they could easily see what is ahead of them and were not running into each other.

This event was great for the entire family and was pet-friendly.

To participate it was $25.00 per a person or $100.00 for a group of six. All the fees went towards NEAT’s general operations fund.

The NEAT organization also had prices and giveaways to make the event more fun and exciting.

This year British Columbia residents managed to save only 15% megawatt hours of electricity during Earth Hour. This is equivalent to turning off 600,000 light bulbs according to B.C Hydro. This may seem a lot; however, two years ago British Columbia was able to save up to 680,000 which is more compared to this year.

Despite the statistics, NEAT is doing a great job with regards to bringing awareness to Fort St. Nelson people with making them aware about preserving our energy.

To register next year visit and learn more with regards to what they do in your community.


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