Dreaming Feather – Community Builder Spotlight

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Hi! I’m Rhian! @dreaming_feather (IG)

Four years ago, I was pregnant with my son and looking for meaningful, homemade gifts to make for my extra large family. I have always had a deep passion for the comfort and beauty a dream catcher can bring to a person or home and while they weren’t perfect, they were very much loved.

To be closer to family, we made the move from Fort St. John to Quadra Island and I decided to reconnect with my artistic side while hopefully earning a bit of money! I bought a tent, thrifted for supplies and set up shop at our local summer market. I never expected it to grow to what it is today! Now, this past April we made the move back to our home here in Fort St. John and since I have been working on establishing new roots for my craft here in the North.

I love to customize and bring out the personality of my customer through each piece and I can confidently say that I pour my heart into each item I make for you. As much as I enjoy the personalization of each piece, nothing makes me smile more than the look on a child’s face when they walk away with their magical treasure, ready to rest peacefully with their Guardian hung.

I have since grown from only creating Dream Catchers to building a variety of floral decors and macrame items. I love playing with new ideas and taking a vision, then bringing it to life.


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