Cruise The Coast Challenge – Jan 12th – Feb 22nd

Cruise The Coast Challenge - Jan 12th - Feb 22nd

Event Dates: January 12th – February 22, 2015

This great Challenge will give you a choice to Swim, Skate or Walk. In previous years this challenge was only for walking but this year there are more options to help get you in shape in the New Year.

To get into great shape and have fun in 2015 this challenge starts on January 12, 2015 and goes until February 22, 2015. The challenge is to cover the distance between Whitehorse, YK and Whistler, BC. This is roughly 1,941 kms. Instead of you physically needing to do the course the kilometers are being substituted for laps.

To complete the challenge you can do the following options:

966 laps – Skating the Pomeroy Sport Centre Oval
756 laps – Swimming of the North Peace Leisure Pool
462 laps – Walking or Running of the Northern Vac Track

The best part of all is registration is FREE! You can signup for the event with a Customer Service Representative at the Visitor Centre (located on the 1st level of the Pomeroy Sport Centre) or at the North Peace Leisure Pool.

The laps can only be completed at the following locations above or they will not count.

Each lap (2 lengths) at the North Peace Leisure Pool equals 2.6km.

Each lap around the Oval at the Pomeroy Sport Centre equals 2km.

Each lap around the Northern Vac Track equals 4.2km.

There are three levels of the challenge with prizes at each level. Make sure to track your progress with the tracking sheets provided when you register.

Have fun and get fit at the same time.


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