Construction Schedule For Site C – Oct 26th – Nov 8th

Construction Schedule For Site C - Oct 26th - Nov 8th

BC Hydro has recently released the latest construction schedule for the Site C dam as construction continues on the dam site.

A full list of what BC Hydro is during this time period of October 26th, 2015 to November 8th, 2015 is provided below.

What To Expect

While construction continues on the dam the local area residents should expect some of the following:

  • It’s possible that there will be early morning or late night shifts and there may be additional shifts occurring during the weekends.
  • Minor traffic delays and single-lane alternating traffic on 240 Road and 269 Road while road improvements occur
  • During scheduled construction activities there may be some noise and dust in the vicinity of the dam site
  • There will be more than normal truck traffic due to hauling timber and rock from the Site C dam site. This industrial traffic will be mostly on the resource roads from Chetwynd that lead to the construction site

Construction Activities

Site C Construction October 2015

  • On The north bank of the dam site excavation, clearing and road construction will continue
  • Road improvements will continue on 240 Road and 269 Road by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s contractor
  • The dam site will get an installation of security gates, fences and guard buildings
  • To accommodate future construction there will be work done on the south bank transmission lines
  • To build the temporary Peace River construction bridge there will be excavation done in the vicinity of the Peace River
  • In the north bank along the public roads there will be a new 25 kV distribution line installed
  • More maintenance will be done on the south bank petroleum development roads.
  • The preparation will continue for the workers camp which will include the installation of unities and other infrastructures. The Modular units for the camp will be moved to the dam site.
  • The preparation work may begin for a temporary bridge that goes across the Moberly River.
  • The quarry operations will continue in West Pines and Wuthrich quarries.
  • A temporary Peace River construction bridge will be built and therefore clearing and other work will be done in the south bank area. Also upgrades and construction work will be done to the south bank access roads. A new rail siding will also be built.


It is possible that some of these activities may change or not occur at all. The information provided above is just a general guideline of what is schedule to happen for the construction process.

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