Construction Schedule For Site C – April 4th to 17th

Construction Schedule For Site C - April 4th to 17th

BC Hydro has recently released the April 4th to April 17th Site C dam construction schedule. The list below shows what is expected and which construction activities might occur.

What To Expect

While construction continues on the dam the local area residents should expect some of the following:

  • Truck traffic will be on public road as construction continues to move rock and timber into the site. An increase of traffic will be from Chetynd leading to the south bank of the site.
  • Noise and vibration will be monitored by BC Hydro but the following areas will be affected:
    • Some blasting is going to occur in Wuthrich Quarry
    • Vegetation and tree cleaning at Portage Mountain Quarry
    • Construction activities around the dam and along public roads
  • A mixture of early early morning and night shifts may be scheduled, as well as weekends.
  • Boats and for workers safety, please follow the signage and markings on in-river work areas
  • Minor traffic delays on public roads

Construction Activities


  • North and South Banks


  • Dikes and other work around Peace River back channel (South Bank)
  • Access roads on the South Bank
  • Workers accommodation lodge construction/other buildings


  • Crew and equipment to the dam site which will result in site offices and parking lot
  • Work along public roads


  • South bank drainage tunnel
  • Continuing road constriction on the North Bank
  • Continuing in-river roadwork around Peace River

Vegetation/tree cleaning

  • Vegetation/tree cleaning
  • Portage Mountain Quarry
  • Moberly River and along the Peace River


  • Along the the 600 kV transmission line
  • Along Highway 29 at Cache Creek/Bear Flat.


  • Riprap in sections on the South Bank
  • Continuing road maintenance operations at South Bank petroleum development roads.
  • Continuing operations at temporary substation on the South Bank.
  • Guard buildings ad security gates to be installed at dam site area
  • Continuing operations at Wuthrich Quarry


The informational provided above is a general guideline of what is schedule to happen. It is possible that some of the activities may or may not occur at all.

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