Communities of Bloom

Communities of Bloom

If you are visiting the city of Fort St. John this week you may be finding that you will be surrounded by flowers, greens and amazing landscapes.

This is because the people of Fort St. John are busy at work with cleaning up the gardens, trimming their hedges and planting some new flowers.

The city is encouraging local businesses and residents to contribute their time and efforts to tidying up the city because of a local competition.

This Sunday on July 19th Fort St. John will be looked at closely as they will be judged for taking part in the annual Communities in Bloom competition. Provincial judges will take the time to go around the city to see if they can be impressed on a two-day tour.

The judges will look for a number of community features such as flowers, landscaping, environmental action, heritage conservation, tidiness and much more.

A number of cities across Canada will be compared to each other.

In past year Fort St. John has not done very well with this contest as they are always been picked on for improving the tidiness of their city.

After three years of not participating in this competition; the community of Fort St. John has decided to take part of the contest and are hoping for a better outcome compared to previous years.

It will only take a little hard work, some time and planting a few new plants to see amazing results and an astonishing transformation that will come out of it; if everyone contributes a little to this contest.

The communities effort will give the city a better chance of winning the competition and will also make a city a more beautiful place to live.

The judges are arriving on Sunday July 19 in the afternoon and will be taken on a garden tour.

Then a barbecue will take place in the evening where the people of Fort St. John are given the chance to hear the judge’s opinion.

The following day on Monday July 20 the judges will take a final tour before leaving and taking the time to formalize their final thoughts about the city of Fort St. John.


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