Citizen’s Want A New Health Accord

Citizen's Want A New Health Accord

The Health Care Accord is an agreement between the federal, provincial and territorial government. This agreement provides the provinces with the necessary funding needed to support the health care services. It also addresses problems and solutions for wait times, home care, prescription drugs, senior care and more. In addition, it created a national health standard across Canada.

However, in 2004 the Health Care Accord expired and the Federal Government did not renew the Health Care Accord in 2014. This decision would lead to 14 different health care systems. This means that a Canadians’ access would depend on where they lived and their ability to pay for it.

This meant that there would be $36 million dollars in health care cuts in the next 10 years.

A lack of funding could lead to serious health care problems in the future.

Fort St. John is a part of the Council of Canadians campaign and is a part of the 18 councils that protested on the mark of the one year anniversary where the Canada Health Care Accord expired.

The Council of Canadians campaign has core beliefs that the public health needs to be strengthened. This means stopping privatization. In addition, they believe that the Canadian Health Care Accord needs to be renegotiated in order to have better and more efficient public health care. They also believe that all Canadians should have access to the same quality and services for health care.

The small group of around 20 people that gathered in front of Fort St. John’s Hospital all were protesting with their beliefs that health care needs to be protected. Also to raise awareness about health care in Canada. They all stand up for and believe what the Health Accord does for Canadian citizens. This is efficient quality health care.

The protesters were urging that the Federal Government needs to sign a new health Accord in order to get the proper funding to support and have an excellent health care service that anyone can have access to.

Sarah Thom who is a part of the Hospital Employees union said “I think all of us at some point in our life are going to have to access healthcare and to know that we’re going to have the public funding for our health care,” she said. “If it’s not there we’re going to be looking at possibly a two-tiered system, or possibly what the States has.”

It is very prevalent that a lot of Canadian citizens including the people of Fort St. John are not happy about the governments’ choice with regards of eliminating the Heath Care Accord. And through this protest you can tell that they are determined to get heard from the government to raise the issues of not having the Heath Care Accord in place.


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