Fort St. John New Boundary Expansion Proposal 2016

Fort St. John New Boundary Expansion Proposal 2016

Fort St. John Boundary Expansion 2016

The city of Fort St. John has requested a petition to the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development to extend the city’s boundaries. The proposal is looking into including 665 hectares (1643.25 acres) of land. The city has been discussing the idea since 2015.

This is done to keep up with the 50 Year Growth Plan the boundary extension.

The purpose of the purposed extension is to:

  • Continue the city’s growth
  • Increase the room for growth
  • Provide Efficient Services to industry
  • Promote equity and fairness
  • Safeguard people and property

Back in 2013/14 a similar proposal was brought forward and was accepted with no objection.

Anyone who is against the boundary extension can sign an Elector Response Form by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, October 31, 2016.

Proposed Areas:

  • Section between 79 St and 261 Rd, spanning from 100 Ave to 115 Ave
  • Area to the right of Fort St. John Links Golf Course and Woodlawn Cemetery
  • A large section extending from the edge of the airport to Alaska Hwy and Airport Rd

Rules and restrictions for electors.

What does this mean for you?

The boundary expansion  opens the city more regions. This means more opportunities for infrastructure, industry, commercial and residential development. This could also potentially satisfy expected growth of the city.

Benefits of being within the boundary include:

  • Access to water and sewer services
  • Increased property value and access to property value adding services
  • Reduction in property insurance
  • Access to residential garbage and recycling services

What this really means for people currently occupying the land is that they will gain access to city services

Possible Concerns

Current residents of the area may be subjected to zone changes allowing for commercial or industrial construction. This could possibly effect the 123 properties and 83 property owners residing in the purposed extension.

New members within the boundary will be subjected to by-laws and city standards. This also may include additional taxes and property tax.

Some members of the community feel that introducing this new addition to the city may put further strain on the city’s infrastructure construction.

Based on the previous boundary expansions, not much has seemed to be effected as of yet.

Here is a list of more concerns and answers from the city.

How will this effect the community?

The boundaries expansions (including past ones) will effect the community in a number of ways but it may still be a while before the land sees any changes.

As we can see from the previous expansions, most of the land remains unchanged. This may not last long, as the population rises and new families and industries come in these areas will become desirable.

These expansions may positively effect the community by providing a sense of growth and property.

What may the future hold?

The land on these properties could remain the same or be converted. Who knows when or how it will be done but it could be an opportunity for businesses and home owners.

With keeping with the 50 Year Growth Plan, the city may have come projects in mind. Till then we will have to wait and see.



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