Block Parent Program

Block Parent Program

The Block Parent Program is an organization where parents can volunteer their time to open up their homes as a temporary refuge in case of an emergency. This program makes sure that the parents go through a criminal record check and that they are given detailed instructions on the program.

Ideally the purpose of this program is to make the community safer for children and a friendly reminder that there are people that are keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

However, since 2005 there has seemed to be a decrease in the number of volunteers who are taking part in the block parent program.

There are still some provinces that do take part in this program including British Columbia, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. But it is not as active as it used to be.

However, a woman from Fort St. John, Valerie Coe, believes that the city should start running this program again; as she believes that it comes with many benefits.

For instance, it would make the Fort St. John community stronger and a way to comfort parents to ensure them that there are responsible members of the community that are keeping an eye on the children.

It is important for people who want to become block parents to know that they are not expected to provide food, drinks, toilet facilities, transportation, first aid, leave the home to stop a dangerous situation and they do not need to open their door to anyone that they see as a threat to themselves and/or their home.

For that reason, the block parent program is also safe for the volunteers that want to take part and will not cost them anything.

Therefore, because of all the positive things that come out of the Block Parent Program there isn’t any reasons why this program couldn’t run successfully again.

Coe’s proposal was discussed at the block parent meeting recently. As it was a chance for people to learn about the program and ask any questions. In addition, it also gave the opportunity for anyone to apply to the program during the meeting.


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