Biggest News Stories For 2015 In Fort St. John

Biggest News Stories For 2015 In Fort St. John

Construction Begins on the Site C Dam

Having met approval late last year, the Site C Dam finally began construction in July of 2015.

This mostly consisted of preparation activities for the proper dam to be built, as would be expected for such a massive undertaking.

The start of construction involved the removal of vegetation from the area, the building of worker accommodations, upgrading roads, and other modifications to the land to make a proper foundation for the dam.

By the numbers, 530 hectares of land has been cleared, and 1 million + cubic metres of material have been removed.

If things seem slow going, remember that this is just the first year of the planned 10 year construction term for the Site C Dam.

Terror Suspect Arrested

Also in July of this year, 33 year old Fort St. John resident, Othman Ayed Hamdan was arrested on terror charges.

He appeared in court, accused of spreading Islamic State propaganda on social media which included calls to commit acts of violence.

These events are alleged to have taken place in the fall of 2014 and into 2015.

This shocked the Fort St. John community, who reportedly, did not have much social connection to Hamdan.

Hamdan was denied bail and his case has been ongoing throughout the year.

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Fort St. John

In August of this year, a 4.6 magnitude earthquake was felt near Fort St. John. While earthquakes in this area are relatively common, the reason for this earth quake turned it into a bigger story.

In December, the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission reported that the earthquake occurring in August was caused by fracking in the area. This would be the largest earthquake linked to fracking in the province.

Two Killed in Plane Crash Near Fort St. John

In October of this year, a plane crash took place just southeast of Fort St. John. The crash killed all of the two occupants on board a privately owned Cessna.

Those killed have been identified as Leonard Chapman, and Florian Chapman of Vernon, BC.

$1.5 Billion Site C Contract Goes to Local Company

In November of this year, Premier Christy Clark and Mines Minister Bill Bennet announced a big win for a local Fort St. John company.

It was announced that Petrowest Construction would receive a contract worth a whopping $1.5 billion to construct dam features such as diversion tunnels, a spillway, and a concrete foundation.

This marks the largest single contract given out during the course of Site C Dam construction. It will allow Petrowest to hire 1500 mostly British Columbian workers.

Fort St. John Named Best City to Work and Live

The New Year looks promising for Fort St. John, especially if you ask BC Business Magazine, who named the city, the Best City to Work and Live earlier in December.

Fort St. John was awarded this designation by excelling in an array of economic indicators including improvement in household income, percentage change in population growth, and unemployment rate.

It is speculated that much of Fort St. John’s success in these areas is due in part to booming energy industries in which Fort St. John is heavily involved.


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