Making A Better Environment In Fort St. John

Making A Better Environment In Fort St. John

Spring is the perfect time to declutter your home from the cold and dark winter season. It is also the ideal time to have a fresh start with a new season.

But it is also the ultimate time to declutter and clean up the community as well. Because who would not want to step outside to a beautiful clean environment before they start their day?

The community of Fort St. John is doing just that. Fort St. John is going to be a part of another year of Pitch-In Week. This is held every year as a community effort to better the community in a positive way.

It is held each year to help encourage the community to participate and maintain a tidy and a clean city.

This is the perfect opportunity for the community to all come together to better their city.

This event will take place this year from May 24th to May 30th. Every day there will be a different activity taking place to help clean up and make the community a more beautiful place to be a part of.

May 24th at 2:00pm is the launch day of Pitch-In Week. The first day will start with a 20 minute Volunteer Tidy around city buildings.

May 26th there will be a Community Planting Day in Centennial Park. It is predicted that majority of volunteers will be school children but, anyone is welcome. The city will be providing all volunteers with the tools that are needed to participate in this event.

May 28th Pitch-In Day Through Out The Community is an event where community groups and individuals who have registered will be provided a map of their designated area and supplies to help clean up the city of Fort St. John.

May 30th Pitch-In Wrap Up is the final day of this amazing event. Everyone in the community is encouraged to register for a 20 Minute Neighborhood Challenge. This is an activity that allows groups of people to commit themselves towards a larger clean-up area. Individuals who participate also get the chance to win some prizes.

From previous years and even last year this event has proven to make a noticeable difference for the city of Fort St. John.

The Pitch-In Week event begins May 24th at 2pm. Registration is open until Monday May 11th.

To sign up make sure you email Danielle Armstrong [email protected] or register by calling 250-787-5791.

Help make Fort St. John a better place to live today!


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